img_3311_2_2Anna Laird Barto is a writer of fiction and non fiction, whose work has appeared publications such as Juked, Gulfstream, The Boiler Review, NewFound, and Terrain.org: A Journal of Natural and Man made Environments.

Anna was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, but spent most of her adolescence in Scottsdale, Arizona. She earned a degree in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and was among the last US students at the University of Havana before study abroad programs were suspended in 2004. After graduation, she taught English in the Oaxaca, Mexico, where she witnessed the outbreak of police violence against striking school teachers.

In 2007, Anna returned to the US to pursue her MFA in Creative Writing at Emerson College. She currently lives in Franklin County, Massachusetts, and works for a local non profit. She is working on a novel set in a fictional Mexican city loosely based on Oaxaca.