A Memoir in Four Year Terms

Live on Entropy, my comic memoir about growing up on the Millennial cusp

Bad People

The same people who blame lesbians for Hurricane Harvey, and President Obama for the solar eclipse (if only they had that kind of power!) are the first to call climate change a hoax

My Day of Tlatelolco

On a Wednesday afternoon in June, I find Tlatelolco, site of so much historic upheaval, surprisingly sleepy.  No one is manning the ticket booth at the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center. A security officer helps me track down the cashier to take my thirty peso admission fee, which I’m told gives me access to the Archeological…

Sewanee Writers’ Conference

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been awarded a Tennessee Williams Scholarship to attend the Sewanee Writers’ Conference in Sewanee, Tennessee, July 18th-30th.  

Telenova Tyrants

In place of olive fatigues, our telenovela tyrant wears a black suit and red tie…